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Greetings CyberNaut,

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CyberNaut Rest Stop (CRS) is a virtual community whose physical component is located in the Puget Sound, WA area. The basis for this is to help merge the interactions between CyberSpace and the RealWorld--although it can be easily argued that CyberSpace is part of the RealWorld. However you prefer to look at it, CRS will be a gathering place where people can investigate and learn about the Internet, find business resources, retrieve and share information, and/or just talk about about the wonders and perils of the evolving information age... although I do hope the perils become less and less as we continue to learn more and more about how to properly utilize this medium.

However, for the past two years, the majority of my time has been spent working in the field of ecopsychology, and my current efforts can be seen by going to the site that best expresses my passion, Attraction Retreat.

    CRS does still offer classes and seminars in Internet training and use. The classes teach how to use the Internet in a manner that is most productive for each individual. This is accomplished by starting with coverage of Internet history, net.culture, and how the services (e-mail, WWW, news, etc.) interact and fulfill their various information and communication functions. The seminars are targeted to businesses and organizations on proper (net.friendly) business use of the Internet, how to effectively market to the global CyberSpace community or to a targeted local market, and how to lower current fixed costs in many areas of everyday business affairs. Our client base is now mainly non-profit organizations and activist groups involved in social and environmental justice. Just another silly graphic  

Our consulting and design services have now been rolled into the mission of Attraction Retreat Technology Services (AR Tech Services). Our main initiative is known as "Processes for Change," which is the concept that describes the vision underlying technology initiatives and projects proposed and undertaken by AR Tech Services. It includes a number of information technology projects that encompass a scope that is global, regional, and local. These projects integrate and support each other along unique paths that support a common goal of a just and sustainable future--a future where environmental justice takes moral and ethical precedence and allows each person to live in ways that allow all others to live as well.

Our latest offering is Naturally Creative Earth Politics: A Coalition of New Progressives. Peace on Earth requires peace with Earth, and one way this can be achieved is through a vision for returning democracy to the people.

AR Tech Services can then help you implement your Internet and intranet connectivity, information organization, and presentation in the design of information and workgroup servers, or any offsite hosting (virtual presence) you may need. We can help with the planning stages of projects, and take you right on through implementation, training, and use of your Internet or intranet communication solution. Our personalized consulting services can have you connected to the Internet backbone while utilizing your own business rules, plus you'll automatically become a member of the friendliest virtual community to touch ground.


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