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Depending on your philosophy, either everything, or not a damn thing.

Another year (plus) gone... June 2001... whoa, ditto last year, plus some major changes.

For me anyway. After a couple of starts, and an almost complete, I've finally found the place to finish my PhD. Through Project NatureConnect, an accredited on-line graduate school in the field of applied ecopsychology. Here's a write-up and photos of an on-site workshop on San Juan Island I attended:
Apri2001 Gathering

Using chaos and complexity theories, information systems and virtual communities, to harmoniously balance technology and nature, to discover and apply, to myself if no other, the process of discarding the dysfunctional dualistic disconnection from our life support system.

Another major change is what could become a life-long project for me: Attraction Retreat

And here it is, February 2000... well, the web server is still running... good thing it's low maintenance :-) Major upgrades to both software and hardware, and it's past time for a major overhaul... stay tuned (if you haven't died from boredom yet)

15 June, 1998
Ok, well...I got busy, and haven't had the time to finish off the forums, so the site's not officially open yet, but all the links work (internally :-) and the few unfinished routines in the BIOL searches at least return semi user-friendly HTML error pages.

17 March, 1998
Well, I think I'm about ready to announce the site as being live again...for the fourth time now since Spring '94. It still needs some fine tuning, and always will, so...

So...drop on in. Tell us what you think.

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