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Are you surfing the Web, but can’t convince your boss or company about the benefits of the Internet? Bring them by CRS for a relaxing introduction to the world of global communication, and to discover why, for businesses, the ‘net is much more than just fun :-)

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CyberNaut Rest Stop is a place where physical reality merges with virtual reality. A spot to discover what the Internet is, and to see for yourself what the excitement over the Internet is all about.

If you’ve already discovered that the Internet is for you and/or your company, and want to learn more about how the Internet works, and how you and/or your employees can best work with it, schedule one of our Beginning or Advanced Internet classes. We cover history, netiquette, e-mail, file transfer, database searching, gopher, and the World Wide Web. Let's work together to solve your information, communication, and database marketing needs.

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Four areas CRS deals in

Services Offered

Want to put up your own web server? We can deliver turnkey systems, configure/upgrade existing systems, or put your own server on a T-3 connected Fast Ethernet LAN. We highly recommend Windows NTS, but if you insist on doing it the hard way, we'll put together a UNIX based system for you :-) Administration and maintenance contracts, and system administration training are also available.
Do you have information you'd like to make available, a product or service to market, or content you'd like to add to our virtual community? Become part of a growing website that works to build the draw of each client as well as the overall site. We can develop Web pages for you, teach you how to design your own, or host pages and content that have already been developed. Other available services include ftp services, e-mail autoresponders, maillists, support for your own domain name, usage statistics, and remote maintenance. Secure transactions can also be supported.
CRS will map out the best plan to make your product/service known to the intended audience, and will also help coordinate the inclusion of your electronic marketing with your current marketing. NOTE: We feel very strongly about working within the CyberSpace community, and retain the right to refuse any client suggested marketing plans that even smell remotely like Spam.
If your information can be augmented by, or can be better presented by, other mediums such as video or audio, they can be included. You are not restrained by the flat, linear confines of traditional publishing, or the restricted distribution of regional publishers. CRS will help you make your message, poetry, polemic, journal, or whatever available to the largest audience possible.
Need a database developed, or would you like to make the contents of an existing database searchable and available over the World Wide Web? Catalogs, customer contacts and leads, surveys, document archives, and more. Anyone interested in intelligent agents on intranets or VPNs? Drop me a note.
More than just a training session, these classes strive to help you develop an understanding of both the Internet and its resources. By becoming comfortable with the technology, and learning how to use it to your advantage, you'll become prepared to enter the 21st century with the rest of the global information economy (or perhaps just find an inexpensive way to keep in touch with someone, or while away some time).
CyberSpace can seem like foreign territory to the uninitiated. CRS will take the mystery out of the Internet by presenting a picture of the development of the culture and demographics of the Internet and the protocols that drive it. By knowing what's actually there, and some of the reasons people use it, you'll discover how to use this shared community resource in ways that will improve your bottom line.
CRS can provide solutions that revolve around your needs and what works best for your business. Improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of your internal and external communications requirements.

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