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Project NatureConnect

August 2001 Gathering

San Juan Island, Washington

August 10th -12th--  Project NatureConnect Orientation Course
August 12th-17th--"Ecologically Integrated Personal Growth & Social Justice"
August 17th-19th--  Play time! (see descriptions below)

What is a Project NatureConnect Gathering on San Juan Island?

Exquisite natural beauty.
Simple activities in nature that put you in multi-sensory connection with the nameless, intelligent, loving force that creates and balances the universe through attraction relationships. The experience of living the Natural Systems Thinking Process.  The fellowship and support of kindred spirits. Sharing and caring. Personal transformation. Inspiration, motivation, and hope.

Friday, August  10th, 7:00 pm -- Sunday, August 12th, 3:00 pm

The Project NatureConnect Orientation Course  

Discover how the 'stories' of our culture are creating the crises in our lives. Re-learn the many "ways of knowing" you share with the rest of the biotic community that will improve your health and relationships as they put your life in balance with the earth.  Relate consciously with the global life community that supports your own life moment to moment.  Simple self-guided experiences in nature, under the mentorship of Dr. M.J. Cohen, master teacher, psychologist, scientist, ecologist, and philosopher, will provide all this--and more!  This is an opportunity for those new to Project NatureConnect to become acquainted with basic PNC concepts and the Reconnecting Process. Cost:  $40

Sunday, August 12th, 7:00 pm -- Friday, Aug. 17th,12:00 noon

"Ecologically Integrated Personal Growth & Social Justice"

What role can the ecological community play in the personal growth process and human relationships?   Let Nature teach the true meaning of community!  Join with others as we deepen our connection to nature's wisdom and discover experientially how it maintains balance and economy in its processes.  This Advanced Training course, designed for people who have taken the Orientation Course either on-line or on-site, will be facilitated by Dr. Cohen in several beautiful natural locations around the island. $100

Beginning Friday, August 17th, 12:00 noon til...


A chance to follow our natural attractions for rest, relaxation, and fun! Individuals will take responsibility for their own food and accomodations during this time, choosing from the many wonderful lodging and dining options on the island. Location

We are renting a lovely private rural home near the south end of the island for this August 2001 Gathering. There are a wide range of lodging options there, from $10 per night to camp on the grounds (bathroom and kitchen privileges) to $50 per night for a bungalow or a private room with a queen-sized bed.  Charging will be per person, per night, so you only have to pay for the nights you are actually there.  $12 per person per day for food.  We will plan meals (some planning will be done on-line ahead of time), shop, cook, dine and clean together.

Questions?  More info? Want to register?

If you have questions and/or would like to register, contact Allison Weeks at, or call 360-387-9062.  Information about the specifics of lodging, transportation to and from San Juan Island, etc., will be included on the registration form.

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