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Note: The following are the major subdomains of content and related links here at CRS. On the following pages the "Next" link at the bottom of the page will take you to the next page listed on this Table of Contents (T.O.C.). Within each subdomain the pages will have a "Next" link that is relevant to that domains T.O.C. or home page.

Thus, you can back up to the upper level pages with just a few clicks instead of trying to figure out which page it is in your browser's history list. Some pages, though, can be linked to from other domains and the hierarchy breaks down (as every where else in this non-linear world). The navigational links on those pages will then take you back to the top levels. At least, as long as you're on the site. Once you depart for the nether regions of CyberSpace...well...we hope you've added us to your hotlist and return to visit us again soon.

Content Collections

CyberSpace and
Virtual Communities
What's going on, where it's going on, and where it may be going. The cultural, political, and mythological aspects of CyberSpace and being a netizen.

Naturally Creative
Earth Politics
Peace on Earth requires peace with Earth. Let's return democracy to the people so we can build a just, equitable and sustainable world.

Internet, Netiquette,
and Computer
Related Humor
Various pieces of flotsom from the bitstream.

Counseling and Educating with Nature. Where you go away to become attracted. For healing, transformation, and growth.

Project NatureConnect's April 2001 Gathering: One participants photo journal and notes on the Natural Systems Thinking Process.

Papers by
Dave Ewoldt
Various ramblings, rants, and published works by the maintainer of the CRS site (just because you can be your own publisher :-)

The Sociology
of High
The research side of CyberSpace and Virtual Communities -- Computer Mediated Communications and Computer Mediated Environments.

The content sections also have interactive forums associated with them. You can go directly to the forums, although we suggest you first browse through some of the content itself to get an idea of what the forums are discussing.

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