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Dave Paulsen

Snohomish, WA

Dave Paulsen has microwave and satellite communications experience with the U.S. Navy, California Microwave, IRT/Gencom, and Western Electric. At the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center he performed electron bunching experiments with 60-100 megawatt multi-cavity klystron tubes and worked on operator console automation. At the University of Texas at Austin he was assigned to the Texas Intelligent Machines and Robotics graduate lab where he served as Technical Staff Assistant to the Dean of Engineering, and was responsible for designing and implementing the software and hardware interfaces between the robots and control computers. While at UT Austin he was also involved in research on real-time adaptive controllers, 3-D modeling with computers and lasers, international competitiveness, and technology transfer issues.

Dave has degrees in electronic engineering technology, computer science, software engineering, and psychology, with minors in physics, math, and philosophy. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Science, with a dissertation topic of "The Sociology of High Technology." He has presented graduate level seminars on prime movers and classes of actuators, and has taught undergraduate classes in Computer Communications and Networking, Troubleshooting Novell Networks, and Theories of Personality as guest lecturer. He was also an elected officer for the Eastern Washington University chapter of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology.

Dave has operated a public access Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) system (commonly known as a BBS) since 1986, and has trained countless users and other operators in the setup and use of global computer networks and communication systems. He was a co-founder of Spokane's FidoNet network in 1988, and served for three years as the Network EchoMail Coordinator.

Outside the computer realm, Dave was an invited speaker at the 2nd annual international conference for The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology to present his original research on evolutionary epistemology and non-hierarchical systems. He was also given an award for a paper he presented at the 12th annual EWU Psi Chi Colloquium entitled "A New Paradigm for Experimental Psychology."

A tutor for two years in the computer lab at Spokane Falls Community College, Dave has designed the training and customer support programs for two Internet Service Providers. Starting in the summer of 1993, Dave began specializing in Information Publishing and Electronic Marketing using the Internet, and started designing and developing Web Sites as well as databases and search engines for on-line use. The creator of the virtual community CyberNaut Rest Stop, he teaches classes and presents seminars in Internet history and use, CMC, Network Information Retrieval (NIR), and HTML development.

As a consulting engineer and IT specialist, Dave has helped setup numerous ISPs; done LAN/WAN design (even though Dave is cognizant of the terms intranet and extranet, he deplores their use as content free), implementation, and training; and helped companies and organizations in the design and implementation of their electronic communication and marketing needs. Dave was hired as a contractor by Microsoft to develop the API level training courses for Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS), as well as a full day setup and implementation class for MCIS Membership System. As a Sr. Systems Engineer for Nutley Systems, Inc., a Microsoft Solution Provider Partner, Dave designed the Authentication, Authorization, and Billing system for the Chinese Information Hiway Communications Company, LTD, as well as a web based Document Management System (DMS) for the MCI Business Library. This DMS used a custom LDAP client for authentication and authorization.

Dave was involved with two Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) working groups: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Access, Searching, and Indexing of Directories (ASID), while developing LDAP based secure membership and personalization systems for on-line use.

Dave was the IS Manager for one of Seattle, WA's top media design and business network application development firms, Saltmine Creative, Inc. , where he re-architected the LAN into a switched fast Ethernet collapsed backbone topology. With daily responsibility for his staff to keep 120 Windows NT and a dozen Mac G3 systems running, as well as maintain network data security, he worked on the architecture of LDAP based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems.

He had a brief stint as the Technology Director for Auteo Media, Inc., where he was responsible for the network and development teams, for designing data warehousing and data mining applications, and LDAP based secure membership and personalization systems. But, after the downfall of the dot coms in 2000, Dave was finally able to combine his two favorite disciplines -- technology and psychology -- when he was hired to become the Director/Manager of Information Systems for a not-for-profit community mental health organization where he is trying to implement policies, procedures, and infrastructure that will help allow quality client care to once again take precedence over cost.

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