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This is a collection of articles and stories I've collected over the years as a BBS SysOp and CyberNaut. Where possible I've included acknowledgements of the source, but some of these have been floating through the Matrix for so long that the original author has become lost. If you have information on any of these, please let me know so that I may give proper credit where it's due.

Regarding the Internet


  • Emily Postnews - The definitive guide to proper behavior in the USENET newsgroups. Original version by Brad Templeton
  • Requiem for a SysOp - This article was written over ten years ago in regards to BBS's, but is still as relevant today for CyberSpace.

Computer Humor

... and other miscellaneous nonsense

  • If there is no other lesson learned from the Clinton administration legacy...

RoundTable Forum for the Internet, Networks, and Computers

Other Resources
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